A More Strategic Approach

One-Eighty drives value from IT spending through spend analysis, strategic sourcing, and vendor management. As trusted advisors, our objectivity positions our clients to make better decisions in the sourcing process while lowering costs and improving the overall performance of the technology environment.

Our work allows our clients to focus their resources on the core mission and values of their organization. Through collaboration with Finance and IT, we remove the distractions that come from evaluating and sourcing increasingly commoditized IT products and services. By creating transparency around the traditional sales tactics and pricing strategies, we provide our clients with a clear VISION for improving cost and performance.

Although, client savings is the measuring stick of our success, we understand that too much focus on the “pricing game” weakens the foundation of good supplier relationships. Our expertise encompasses more than just a pricing game.

Our 4 Core Principals
Free of vendor alliances, our objective guidance is always based on the best interest of the client. Unbiased advice is the only advice worth taking.

We pull back the curtain on pricing models and sales tactics to bolster our clients’ decision-making knowledge.

Our continued involvement ensures the suppliers are held accountable for their performance.

Our compensation is based on the savings realized by our clients. This keeps our motivations perfectly aligned with the needs of our clients.

Our VISION Process

Benchmark Analysis
Thorough benchmarking and gap analysis of supplier service levels, technology performance and total costs of ownership/operation (TCO)

VISION – Strategic Sourcing
Understand the business requirements, Build a performance-improvement strategy, Source from capable suppliers, Negotiate costs and SLAs

Vendor Management<
Oversight of supplier performance to ensure costs are managed and SLAs are met

Our Areas of Focus

Document Technology and Services
Print, Copy, Fax, Scan, Managed Print, Storage, Software

Communication Technology and Services
Voice, Data, Cloud Services, Wireless, Conferencing

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