With decades of senior-level deal-making experience, 180 understands both the art and science of developing value-based supplier relationships. 180 clients save time, pay less and have a fierce advocate on their side of the table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Joel McQuade launched 180 in 2011 after 15 successful years in sales and senior management with Global Imaging Systems and Xerox where he consistently performed in the top 1% nationally. Joel’s innovations in Managed Services fueled Global Imaging’s growth for 7 years until Global was acquired by Xerox in 2007 for $1.5 Billion. Joel is a graduate of the University of Washington.

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Don Burke spent 12 years as a sales leader and as part of the senior sales management team with IKON, Global Imaging Systems and Xerox. His hands-on leadership focuses on utilizing Lean Six Sigma strategies to uncover and implement opportunities to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Don is a graduate of Humboldt State University.

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